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One format - Multiple activities

Tech-savvy, we have been organizing technical recruiting events for the last 8 years.

Things have changed since the old times, the new generation of both talents, technical teams & recruiters have a different approach to work. 

We’ve created an event where people can be themselves, and feel comfortable connecting, learning, and exploring collaboration opportunities. First connect, them recruit.

6:30 PM
Doors open & Networking 🍸
7:00 PM
Ice breaker by Tchoozz
7:15 PM
Sponsor Conference 1 📣
7:30 PM
Sponsor Conference 2 📣
7:45 PM
Companies Elevator Pitches
8:00 PM
Open chats - tech teams & tech talents 🤝
8:00 PM
Workshop, food & drinks 🌮
10 PM
Ending 👋

Benefits of joining a Tech Dating

Hire for multiple tech roles

Our team selects a panel of tech candidates: Web dev, SRE & DevOps, Product, Data & Design.

Transparency & follow up

Receive the full list of candidates with CVs, experience, academic background to follow up!

Meet qualified Tech talents

We take care of the sourcing! “open to work” candidates, interested in exploring new career roles!

Involve your Tech Team

Your tech team is your best asset to our events! Put them on stage.

Save on your recruiting budget

You only pay for your entrance ticket. No success fees on tech dating!

Recruiting partners include


Register your tech team, Get the best of our Tech Dating


We have a dedicated team in charge of inviting some of the best “open to work” technical talents. We do not outsource talent sourcing. 

Each ticket include three entry, for three team members. 

We highly recommend you to involve your technical team in our events. While is it ok to have one HR/recruiter profile, keep in mind that on tech dating, talents are expecting to meet technical managers.

You’re free to join from 6pm! Talent check-in starts at 6:30pm & the event starts at 7pm.

For each company, our team provide a visual announcing your participation on the event.

Sponsor speaker means that you have a dedicated 15 minutes slot at the beginning of the event to introduce your brand, product & hiring position. We highly recommend you to have a technical manager performing the conference. 

There is only two sponsors per event.

Yes, as a sponsor, we invite you to prepare your slides asap & send them to our team.

On our tech dating, all companies have the oppotunity to introduce themself. As a regular/non sponsor company, you’ll have 2 minutes to perform an elevator pitch & present your brand, product & hiring roles.

Yes! We provide a slide for all companies performing an elevator pitch. 

As soon as you’ve registered for the event, we invite you to fill your employer profile. An employer profile link is automatically sent by email to the email address mentionned at registration. 

Yes, we provide a name tag for all attendees (companies & talents). It includes your name, company & position. All badges have a QR code linked to your LinkedIn profile, making connections easier. You only have to Scan & Connect with talents.

Yes, food & drinks are provided at all events. We make our best to always have veggie & vegan options. 

This is a tech dating 😉