Tchoozz launches online Tech recruiting events

Early March, the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe provoked a wave of event cancellations: sports games, the Olympics, concerts, summits, and of course, recruiting events. Most of them were canceled while a few ones got rescheduled to the Fall. 

Over the last few weeks, a second wave of the virus triggered the idea that a return to a normal life is not for now. 

To be honest, I have a positive personality, and being optimistic is one of my traits. When the virus almost disappeared at the beginning of the summer, I felt confident that recruiting events will be successfully organized again.

And you know what? It happened! 

In August, Tchoozz organized two successful offline recruiting events in Vienna, (Austria) and Shenzhen (China).
It was the confirmation that people are looking forward to attending in real-life events again. 

However, it’s a complex world, and everything changes quickly.
Since early September, the Covid-19 seems to be back in Europe.
Being optimistic is great, but as an entrepreneur, I also have to be realistic, flexible, and opportunist.

Virtual Events, the online solution providing amazing results!

At Tchoozz, we spent the last 12 months designing technical recruiting events connecting European and Asian companies with inspiring technical talents. While the recruiting and branding event format was doing extremely well, (150+ partners and 250+ recruitments closed in a few months), we had to reevaluate the way we are supporting companies. 

It took six weeks, an agile mentality, and a lot of reads, chats and work to create an online recruiting strategy providing high satisfaction for both employers and candidates. 

Of course, we weren’t starting from scratch in the recruitment industry. We already had a global talent and employer community sharing our vision and values. This golden network helped us design a new global online event experience. 

Exploring a new opportunity

It is totally true that without the pandemic we would not (yet) consider organizing online formats.

I have been personally involved in tech recruiting events for the last 5 years and nothing can replace the offline event experience. Nevertheless, the world is moving and the pandemic has brought a global digital shake-up and more flexibility than we thought.

The flow of candidates from offline recruiting events has been turned off with the pandemic, offering a great opportunity to move towards online formats. 

While some employers are experiencing hiring freezes, others are having hiring surges and need support. In either cases, many employers are looking for strategies to maintain stability, positive brand recognition, and job candidate interest, whether it is for immediate hiring needs or for future hires.

Online recruiting events need to be supported with great technological tools, and once the fear factor is removed, you can make the most out of it and exploit many great opportunities!

6 reasons why you should host your virtual recruiting event!

  • Remove geographic barriers: The audience is not locally restricted. It is easier to reach a whole new group of people, no longer restricted by distance. It is extremely beneficial for companies recruiting in different locations or with a remote-friendly policy.
  • Accessibility & Diversity:  Online events are much more accessible for people with disabilities who might find physical travel difficult. Also, we usually note that women are more likely to attend online meetings than offline.
  • Highly cost and time effective: Virtual recruiting events decrease the cost of acquiring employees by reducing the reliance on agencies and advertising. Ready to use, it allows recruiters to interview an important amount of candidates in less than two hours.
  • Promote brand awareness: Online events create instant brand engagement and increase significantly brand awareness. They diffuse a modern and innovative management process empowering the company’s culture.
  • High engagement rate: It is less scary for participants to engage with companies or recruiters with the safety of a screen in the way.
    Text-based questions are simple and clear, which creates a better quality of interaction.
  • Easy to use: An experienced virtual event hosts will provide the relevant platform and manage all the event processes from talent sourcing to calendar invites, session timing, and employer introduction. You can already forget about the logistic headache. 

Adapt your recruiting process and promote a modern company culture

Online recruiting events need to be flexible and adapted to a company’s culture and strategy.

Communication and content creation plays a leading role in event success. Best practices would consist of a multi-faceted marketing campaign including social media, landing pages, videos, and email campaigns.
While digital content will be the primary component of the event promotions, you can add offline advertising such as radio podcasts. (Tchoozz Podcast: On the Inside)

An online recruiting event has to be interactive with different activities and sessions in order to keep your audience active.
Stirring together informative webinars, Q&A, and private event sessions, allow talents to identify the company culture and trust their values before spending time going through a complete interview process.

What online recruiting events must do is allow people to find the connections they’re looking for. 

By going virtual, Tchoozz creates an easier, more personalized, and more affordable hiring channel.
Without the inconvenience of event logistics, you now have time to gather your recruiting team, share your story, engage with global talents, and save time and money.

The hiring process has been revolutionized by virtual career events, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of this innovation.

Tchoozz creates 100% personalized virtual recruiting strategies.
It includes a headhunter talent service, brand content creation, social media communication, an event platform training (for employers), and the global event moderation. 

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