#Tips – How to boost your recruiting strategies with online events?

At Tchoozz, we’re experts in building recruiting events helping brands interact better with great candidates. We’ve spent years designing events for some of the best worldwide and fast-growing companies across Europe and Asia.

In this article, we focus on our online format offering a new global event experience.

6 reasons why you should have your own virtual recruiting event!

  • Remove geographic barriers: With online events, the audience is not locally restricted. It is easier to reach a whole new group of people, no longer restricted by distance. It is extremely beneficial for companies recruiting in different locations or with a remote-friendly policy.
  • Accessibility & Diversity:  Online events are much more accessible for people with disabilities who might find physical travel difficult. Also, we usually note that women are more likely to attend online meetings than offline.
  • Highly cost and time effective: Virtual recruiting events decrease the cost of acquiring employees by reducing the reliance on agencies and advertising. Ready to use, it allows recruiters to interview an important amount of candidates in less than two hours.
  • Promote brand awareness: Online events create instant brand engagement and increase significantly brand awareness. They diffuse a modern and innovative management process empowering the company’s culture.
  • High engagement rate: It is less scary for participants to engage with companies or recruiters with the safety of a screen in the way. Text-based questions are simple and clear, which creates a better quality of interaction.
  • Easy to use: Tchoozz will provide the relevant platform and manage all the event processes from talent sourcing to calendar invites, session timing, and employer introduction. You can already forget about the logistic headache and only focus on recruiting the talents you need!

Online recruiting events need to be flexible and adapted to your company culture and strategy.

Tchoozz virtual creates an easier, personalized, and more affordable hiring channel. It includes a headhunter talent service, brand content creation, social media communication, an event platform, and a global event moderation. With no logistics, you now have time to gather your recruiting team, share your story, engage with global talents, and save time and money!

Click on the following link to get in touch with Tchoozz team and explore our recruiting event opportunities: https://bit.ly/2OEKSeY

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