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Connecting brands and talents through events.

A new way of finding jobs.

We created Tchoozz to offer you a new recruiting experience!
Exploring new job opportunities?!
Real life interaction between technical talents and brands!

Know in Person

Networking is a great icebreaker. Want to go further? We offer you face to face casual chats with technical teams.

Discover new Brands

In all our events, we give time to speakers. Great connections start by knowing each other.

Build real Connection

Everyone at Tchoozz has a great story to tell. We want you to feel comfortable while embracing your next move.

Some of the team you can meet with!

We create connections between you and technical teams and let the magic happen!

Speakers, Networking, Office tour and 5 min face to face chats!

Forget about the 50+ LinkedIn message from recruiters and meet directly with CTO, Lead developers & tech teams. Every event combine speakers, networking, office tours and face to face interactions. Organized on a casual setup between 6 pm to 10 pm with food and drinks, they are the place to discover new challenges!

Success stories

I had the chance to join Tchoozz tech dating in Montpellier. It was a great event, with really cool people. It's useful and it creates sincere relationships between employers and talents. Good job guys!
Systems Engineering manager
Great event, cool people, nice atmosphere, really friendly staff. I had fun & networked with interesting people & met some great speakers. I definitely recommend Tchoozz events, they are cool!
UI/UX Designer
After two years of freelancing I wanted to become again an employee. I registered to Tchoozz Lyon without any expectation.
The event was really cool, a great atmosphere with inspiring people! I spend an hour discussing with who is now my new CTO. Thank for the opportunity.
Back-end engineer