UI/UX Designer

Great event, cool people, nice atmosphere, really friendly staff. I had fun & networked with interesting people & met some great speakers. I definitely recommend Tchoozz events, they are cool!


Sys. ENgineer Mng.

I had the chance to join Tchoozz tech dating. It was a great event, with really cool people. It’s useful and it creates sincere relationships between employers and talents. Good job guys!


Back-End Engineer

After two years of freelancing I wanted to be a full-time employee again. I registered without any expectation. The event was really cool, a great atmosphere with inspiring people! I spend an hour discussing with who is now my new CTO.


Full-Stack Engineer

Thank you! I’ll be back!



I really enjoyed the event. Being “obliged” to chat with all the companies can really help you find interests that you never thought of.  


Full-Stack Engineer

Really cool format, and very interesting for networking! 


UI/UX Designer

The event was a very enjoyable and constructive moment where we can share a lot about our experience. 

Ahsan Saleem

Software Engineer

Thank you everyone! This was the best recruitment event I have been to. Successfully organized and perfectly hosted by your team!


Front-Engineer Engineer

Great event, great location, great food, and great connections… 

John To

Full-Stack Engineer

It was a great event and really nice meeting you!

Kexin Zhou

Software Engineer

Amazing event!

April Yolo

Product Owner

Great pictures, thanks for organizing tonight’s event!