Why Events

Recruiting is changing!

Does your recruitment strategy come down to posting a job ad on a board? Or sending dozens of impersonal LinkedIn emails waiting for the perfect candidate to respond?

If you want to fill more positions, get better quality candidates and decrease your time to hire, and include events in your strategy!

Active vs. Passive Candidates_web_4.2-min

Go for passive candidates!

In Tech, top talents are gone from the job market in less than 10 days!

But there is good news, though – there’s no lack of passive candidates! According to research, 85% of the workforce would gladly change their job for a better opportunity.

Innovate with your recruiting process. Engage with more talents.

Work on your employer brand

Employer branding is perhaps the most important factor in attracting, hiring and retaining great talents.

At Tchoozz events, employers get time to introduce their company, activities and challenges. Creative content is built on each event.


Let your employees become your best recruiters

Many brands fail to include employees at recruiting events. Candidates want to learn about careers and culture from them.

The best employees will help you find more people like them. It's the whole point of running your own recruiting event.

Talents aren’t just chasing a paycheck anymore. Include events into your hiring plans and show the best of your brand.

With 8+ years of experience in tech recruitment, we are happy to help you design the best event strategies that fit you.

Include events into your recruiting strategies