An intense brainstorming marathon

Hackathons can have different formats and goals. They can play a big part in employers global strategies, and create opportunities. They can be broad, where everyone is welcome to join, or focused on problems that need to be solved.


Create valuable environments

Hackathons are events where creative ideas and innovative solutions come to life. The intense and challenging competition will require participants to develop smart solutions within a limited amount of time. It creates a great atmosphere where everyone works at his/her full potential.

Meet a powerful community focused on personal and professional development.

Hard-workers and lots of talents

Hackathons are more than having fun, making friends and testing your own skills: they are challenging experiences. They involve passion, dedication and ambition to accomplish challenging tasks that will impact the society. Keep your eyes open, they are revealing talents.


Powerful events reflecting company’s culture and strategic goals

For larger organizations, hackathons can greatly accelerate the culture transformation process. It becomes less about creating new products and more about changing the operating process.

Internal hackathons show that larger organizations are capable of delivering disruptive innovations at start-up speed.

Reach out, and learn how hackathons can impact your company's strategies.