How to use podcasts in your recruiting strategy

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If you’re active on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, or ClubHouse, you haven’t missed the rise of podcast related to HR and Recruitment. 

Though from the 2020’s, it is currently rising to become a hot trend, especially since the beginning of the covid19 pandemics, and the multiple restrictions.

Let’s look at the advantages of using podcasts in your recruiting process!

1. Speak up!

The podcast format is very accessible and allows you to easily share a message. Our podcast, “On The Inside” allows people to learn about companies from the inside. It is focused on your employer’s culture, onboarding, HR practices, recruiting process, and your work organisation.

2. Seduce your audience

An audio format with a high emotional impact, more sincere and honest than a written article. With our podcast, you engage your audience directly and share a personal story.
You become accessible and share a feeling of trust with our listeners.

3. A format accessible anywhere!

We can listen to it anywhere, as simple as that! Unlike written articles, it doesn’t need any visual content, and is easily accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world. They allow listeners to listen to it carefully, while cooking, running, to learn, pass the time or simply discover new topics. This format fits anyone’s schedule.

4. A fun experience

Recording a podcast is a personal and unusual experience, that we highly recommend.

Unlike written articles, listening to yourself speak can have a special effect, and can trigger emotions in you. It’s a very fun experience to listen to oneself.

In order to be in the best conditions, we recommend you to record podcast in a conversation format. You’ll quickly forget that you’re recording a podcast, and we can always edit in case something slipped out of your mouth 🙂

Podcasts are modern promotional marketing tools

You want to use podcasts to boost your recruitments? Join our experience “On The Inside”! Our HR & recruiting services are focused on accessibility, discovery, and closure between employers and candidates.

Reach out to us to record your podcast episode and speak about your brand:

On The Inside  is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, …) with episode with many brands such as Meetic, Teads, Flint, Stockoss, Skello, Smart-B, Shift Technology, Dashlane Cauri and more !

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