#Interview – Dataiku recruit with Tchoozz Events. Meet Emilie, talent ambassador!

Discover how incorporating event into hiring & branding strategy has a positive impact on recruitment.

1. Hi Emilie, first of all, can you tell us more about Dataiku?

Dataiku is a fast-growing tech company on a mission to democratize access to data and enable enterprises to build their own path to AI. In 2019 we achieved unicorn status, went from 200 to 400 people, and opened new offices across the globe! 2020 should be no different: we will keep expanding and this why we are always looking for the best tech talents to join our team! 

2. Why did you reach out to Tchoozz to host an event?

One of our recruiters had already worked with one of Tchoozz’ founders, and we wanted to diversify our event formats, try new things.
We decided it was worth a try and since our office is brand new (we moved in July) we thought it was also a good opportunity to show our great work environment to candidates. 

Dataiku Office hosting Tchoozz Recuiting Event

3. The event was a few months ago. Can you share some feedback and how was your overall experience?

It was a good event that met our expectations with a fair number of attendees and relevant profiles (mainly experienced which was a good surprise). Tchoozz took care of most of the organization smoothly which made things very easy. We liked that the event was not only focused on the tech dating part but also offered numerous informal networking opportunities. There was no competition between companies attending since they were very different and it is also something we appreciated. We now have a few candidates from the event in our pipeline. 

4. We believe in events to help brands achieve their recruiting goals. Why would you recommend Tchoozz services?

They offer a pretty unique service, they know how to source good tech candidates and do all the organization for you which saves a lot of time. They also provide a nice communications toolkit creating themselves the materials (videos, photos) to promote the event which is valuable.

If you want to diversify and use events on top of your online recruiting activities without spending too much time on it I think it can be a good fit. 

5. Will we see Dataiku again on our events?

I think we can say this one was a success so why not. Also, we’re currently opening new offices in different locations and we believe in events to promote our brand new office. I hope we can plan more events in the future either recruiting or branding-oriented.

If you’re interested to learn more about our event organization process, click on the following link and get a full case-study: https://bit.ly/3fUy3Iq

Find more about Paris Tech Dating Event in this short video!

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