March 11th, 2020, Covid-19 hit, and events are canceled!

As I write this article we are March 11th, 2020. I guess in the future, it could be helpful to take a step back to this paper.

Today, Tchoozz’s business model is essentially through events. 
With more than 300 candidates and 30+ companies already registered, March & April 2020 were supposed to be great and exciting months for us, with incredible global growth for our brand. 

We would gladly welcome everyone, but we strongly believe this is not the right time for meetups and events. We think that everyone should do his/her part of the job, take a stand and avoid any delay in blocking the contagion. Aware of the situation, we’ve decided to face reality, and take health concerns very seriously.

Europe under pressure!

With almost 20,000 cases of COVID-19 in Europe, it is very important to take this threat seriously, especially when dealing with events, where people meet, shake hands, eat, share a drink, etc… 

While events are impacted, we’re excited to see that companies are finally implementing remote work, and hope they will realize it can be a solution to a better workforce. 

After consideration, we have decided to postpone the following events to a later date:

  • Prague: March 5th 👉 May 12th
  • Munich: March 11th 👉 April 14th
  • Vienna: March 18th 👉 April 28th
  • Barcelona : March 25 👉 June 18th
  • Lisbon: April 7th 👉 April 16th
  • Luxembourg City: April 15th 👉 May 7th

Hit but not sunk!

Like thousands of other small companies, startups, but also big corporations or families, Tchoozz is impacted by this situation. After hiring 3 people, and moving into our new office in early February, the timing is definitely not ideal.

But all challenges bring opportunities, and we use this as a motivator to develop even more solutions to help brands and talents find the right opportunities. 

Very soon, we’ll be able to announce online recruiting events services, new branding, and a channel podcast dedicated to companies.

Keep your eyes open, Tchoozz will be here for a while!

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