Candidate sourcing
Externalize your HR needs

With our recruitment experts, strengthen your HR processes with short-term or long terms missions. Externalize your recruitment with a personalized sourcing service. Get a continuous pipeline of candidates, ready to integrate the last steps of your recruitment process. 

Receive personalized support from headhunting experts

Externalise your candidate sourcing and save up to 50% of your recruitment expense*.

*HR Magazine, with a volume of at least 5 recruitment

Key elements of our sourcing service

Flexibility & performance

Adjust the number of recruteurs involved per mission based on your activity and objectives. Keep an optimal quality of service. 

Specialists methodology & Tools

Our passionate recruiters work with the latest processes and tools to hire the most efficiently. 

Knowledge to strength skills

Our recruitment team is up to date with the latest HR trends. We evolve with the recruitment industry.

We're experts with tech & business roles

Our team is made of technical and business specialists. They precisely source & reach candidates.

Transparency & follow up

We share relevant information with your team and adjust of search based on your evolving needs.

We source Tech & Business

Our consultants are available starting with 2 days per week. They identify, contact, and select talents based on your hiring needs. After being successfully pre-qualified, we introduce you to candidats, to be part of your internal hiring process. We source for the following Tech & Business roles:

Cost and process

Daily rate pricing

Our consultants are available for a minimum of 2 days/week, for a duration of 2 months renewable. Our pricing is degressive.

100% remote (Off-site)

Our consultants work from our office or remotely, and are involved exclusively in your recruiting search

They trust us


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