Tchoozz – Behind the scene of a health crisis

Many of you have reached out to hear news from us. After a delicate period, here are a few answers. 

Our events have been on pause since February 28th, and we decided not to organize online events. Since the creation of Tchoozz, our vision has been to reshape recruitment by connecting people, face to face. Even though video is a very powerful tool, and of course we use it on a daily basis, we have decided that it would not be beneficial to carry out our vision. 

If you ever attended or organized events, you’re aware of the cold sweats due to unexpected last-minute issues we may face. 

Since day 1, we put our soul into organizing professional, dynamic and structured events, and it is one of our strengths, as 97% of companies attending our events recommend Tchoozz.

That’s why we were not convinced online events would bring the same quality and satisfaction to our guests, employers and talents, joining our community from all around the world. 

Hit, but not sunk

Yes we suffered from the crisis, and to be fully transparent, we did not have access to the numerous financial help, as @Tchoozz was considered “too young”. Never mind, we’re hopeful optimistic people. 

We would like to thank all the participants, employeurs, partners, and talents that have supported us: we bit the bullet, so Tchoozz can go on. Our first post COVID-19 events are now scheduled, et everyone is excited to join, with the hope that the crisis is now finally behind us. 

Tchoozz before COVID-19 in numbers:

  • More than 150 companies
  • More than 1000 technical talents
  • Events in 8 European countries
  • Employer satisfaction of 97%
  • Candidate satisfaction of 100%

The health crisis we are currently experiencing has impacted all industries, and the sectors of tourism, culture, event planning, and food have been on the front line. 

The very careful and serious approach Tchoozz had during these few months of inactivities allows us to serenely continue to exist. Now, time is for hope. Let’s all respect the few sanitary precautions, so we can all fully enjoy life in the 2nd part of 2020. 

We can’t wait to see you again! 

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